Monday, August 8, 2011

Sights Around Olympia

Yashiro Japanese Garden sometimes seems like a little secret that hides in plain site, it's just so easy to forget about.  I use to ride my bike to this garden as a teenager and spend hours sketching with pens and water colors.

Fellow OlyEtys member Lisa Ellefson from Nostalgia Captured uses this garden for her artistic endevours also.  "I go there all times of the year and there is always something interesting to photograph. I have done portraits there and it provides an excellent background! I love the pond with the Kois and this time when I went I spotted a little red dragon fly. The park is right on Plum so it is very close to where I work so that is convenient. If I need to get away it's just a short walk from 4th Ave."

Lisa has taken some time to share with us her experience of the garden through her photography.  I hope you enjoy.
 You can find more of Lisa's photography here at Nostalgia Captured.

Written by LaurelsArt.

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