Friday, July 15, 2011

Real Time Etsy Shop Photo critiques

Photo Editing Tutorial

If I were to tell you where I needed to improve my Etsy shop, I wouldn't hesitate in saying "my photo's".  My hunch is that a large percentage of Etsy shop owners would tell you the same thing.  It's difficult to capture the accurate color, texture and most of all feel, of a handcrafted item, let alone sell it!
But with a little help from basic photo editing software, we can improve our photo's, even our already existing ones, and attract more viewers to our products.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be showing you real time Etsy shop photo critiques that will hopefully help you improve your own photos. 
This weeks tutorial is brought to you by Jessica from Dollproject.  


  1. Thanks for the great critique Jessica! You are so right about the background color for treasury purposes, I never even thought of that!

    One question, is it possible to just change the background color of my existing pictures with photoshop, or do I need to re-shoot them with a white backdrop?

  2. I am glad you found this critique helpful!

    It is possible to change the background colors without retaking the photos--it would be especially easy with those more solid gray images because you could possibly do a 'replace color' in photoshop.

    But the best way to change the background to white without redoing the pictures would be to cut them out with the pen tool and then clip away the background. Then you could give them any kind of background. If you get elements, let me know and I can help you do this!