Friday, May 27, 2011

8 Ways to Create a Winning Etsy Treasury

A ‘Winning Treasury’ is also referred to as ‘Front Page Worthy.’ The more front page worthy your treasury, the more exposure it is likely to get—people get excited when they see a well thought-out collection. Imagine you are the curator of a fine arts and crafts show—you want your collection to stand out among other collections. There are several actions you can take to create a winning treasury!

  • Make sure all 16 slots are filled—keep these updated regularly as items will sell and/or disappear.
  • Vary the types of items you feature—you don’t want a treasury showcasing 16 beaded bracelets.
  • Create a theme or source of inspiration for your treasury. My last front page featured treasury was all about the variety of products made with recycled newspapers.
  • When hunting for products to load into your treasury, add potential items to your favorites to help get organized and pull together a theme.
  • Look for photos where the product is clear and you can mostly tell what the item is (close crops or artistic/intentional blur effects are fine!)
  • Look for photos without visible watermarks or added digital text on them—these images will seldom allow your treasury to be Front Page Worthy.
  • Every month, Etsy provides you with a cheat sheet for product and treasury inspiration--it's like a test with all the answers provided! Etsy Merchandising Desk
  • Treasuries should stress the handmade aspect of etsy, but don’t forget the vintage items and supplies!
Good luck and have fun!

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