Sunday, April 11, 2010

Find us on the web!

In the sidebar to the right there is a list of Team member shops and home pages. Follow the links to see the wonderful work of these Olympia, Washington artisans.

Our blog is under construction.

Come back soon to see what we've been up to, local and Etsy events, and special features about our members!


  1. This is great! Thanks to Jessica & PeggySue for getting it rolling.
    Anyone else doing the outdoor craft fair at Artswalk?
    Anyone want to lend me a folding table or 2?
    What now, teammates?
    Oh, and how do we become contributors to the blog? Leslie

  2. So where is everyone? Our meeting at Top Foods on Wed was attended by Ann (Spiderwings), Jen (Northwest Bridal), Shellie (Our Hobby to Your Home) and me, Leslie (The Creative Block, Findings).
    We talked mainly about selling on etsy and how we can support & promote each other--Jen suggested a card or flyer with a blog link, since we're all here. Seems like a good idea.

    But c'mon folks, let's post!
    What are you all doing?
    I've just finished a funny swap and a bracelet commission (pics on my blog, soon)
    and am still stuck on the necklace that's messing with me. I have 2 pieces that WANT to go together, but something's missing.
    I should probably take a break & play with my dolls or something--speaking of which, I just got 9 fabulous pairs of handmade shoes for the CEDs for a price that will let me sell them if I make outfits to coordinate--sort of backward, but oh well.
    I'm going to put his link on the yahoo list again & hope to see more action!

  3. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in getting this blog going. It's a wonderful place to find out what creative minds and hands are up to in Olympia.

  4. Woo hoo, that surprising change in the weather lead to a spectacular Memorial Day! After waking up to wet decks and overcast skies I knew more rain couldn’t be far off. Even though the real diehard North Westerners headed out to the coast or a camp ground a couple of days ago, for us, it meant that our big holiday plans to take the boat out to the Sound and play around in the islands was put on hold - again. We decided to tackle in-door projects and for me that meant I could work on my orders, and possibly just order pizza for dinner (my kids think that pizza is a treat). So, when my husband and oldest son headed for the garage to work on my son’s car, I smiled and got to work sanding my tiles (for me that is a treat). But those delicious sun breaks were calling me and I eventually talked myself into the very local task of weeding the pool area just in case the next passing clump of clouds was holding an unwanted shower. It wasn’t too long before I was in a tank top and shorts enjoying the fact that the sun was still shining on me and that the clouds seemed to be circling the perimeter of our property. My progress in the pea gravel was soon brought to a screeching halt by a few hornets and a mouse under a Rubber Maid container. I hung our volleyball net and of course had to hang a shorter Badminton net for my 3 yr old daughter to stop her complaining about the height of the first net. The six of us managed a Bratwurst B.B.Q., a few games of Badminton that had me laughing so hard - close to the point of peeing my pants, Smores over a fire in the pit, and a soak in the hot tub. All-in-all we salvaged another wet holiday. Hope yours was fantastic!